Tips on making kids safe at home in Amarillo, Texas

Every parent desires to keep their kids safe at home; however, there some who are uncertain on how to make their home child-friendly. Making a child-friendly home is not difficult at all; however, it does take some time, effort, planning and cash.

First, before you decide to get any new furniture, take into consideration the style and fabrics of the furniture. You may want to consider buying furniture that has a fabric that is durable and stain resistant. And, with small kids, it may well not be a good option to get glass top tables or glass doors and polished woods. Children, lacking the knowledge of it, leave their fingerprints on doors and anything that is made of glass. Most importantly, be sure to keep sharp and tiny objects out of their reach. Simply by putting all of their toys in one central location, you prevent others from tripping over them and you also know exactly where the toys are.

An additional idea that will protect your children is putting protective covers on your electrical outlets and sockets. Moreover, by putting some form of protective covering over table corners, chairs and closets, you will be able to prevent a little one from hurting their head or other parts of their body on it.

A second way to protect your children is safety latches on your refrigerator door and drawers. A different way to making kids safe at home -a way that has protected numerous children for years-is installing a fence or grill at the top and bottom of your staircase. This tends to prevent them from falling down or climbing up the stairs. Also, an additional way to make your home child-friendly is as simple as installing window guards on your windows. You can find them in vertical or horizontal bars. This is found at your local hardware store.

safetyMoreover, keep your youngsters’ furniture at the level of your windows. This is particularly important when they are not being regularly supervised. Another significant tip would be to keep curtain cords or window blinds out of their reach. By way of cutting the cords short and keeping them high out of reach, you are able to lessen the chances of an accident.

In addition, another helpful tip is to watch your children when they are on your TV. Every year children are taken to the ER mainly because television sets topple on to children. To make certain that this doesn’t happen to your youngster, you should definitely set your tv on low, sturdy furniture. Also, make it a point to install fire and monoxide detectors.

A large percentage of child mortality is attributed to accidental injuries rather than crimes like homicide, kidnapping, or assaults. Some of these accidents may happen at home. As parents, we want to prevent our child from being hurt especially in our own home.

Making kids safe at home doesn’t mean moving all of your stuff so mishaps will not happen. It is checking and dealing with potential dangers that may cause injury or harm to your children. Here are some ways to make your home child-friendly:

Inside the Home

  • Make sure the locks on storage cabinets are child resistant. This will prevent them from touching or swallowing any chemicals that we use to clean our house, kill pests, or as medicines.
  • Cleaning agents must be stored in a higher storage cabinet.
  • Common household items can also do harm and should be out of children’s reach. Samples of these are mouthwash, cosmetics, medicines, and spices.
  • All medicines should be placed under lock and key, and out of reach for the children.