Texas colleges and universities

booksTexas has various world class universities and colleges and among those topping the list are:

The University of Texas at Austin

UT-Austin is the flagship of the School of Texas system and among the top-rated community colleges in America. It’s a public school with 38,168 undergraduates and 12,827 master’s degree students. Located in Austin, the college is well-known for its football team, which each year is viewed as among the finest in the country. The Longhorns won a NCAA football championship in ’05, and also the basketball team reached no less than the quarterfinals five from the last ten years. UT-Austin is among the most selective Texas schools.

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech, situated in Lubbock, is a university focusing on science, technology, engineering, and medicine. It’s a community school with 31,637 undergraduate pupils and greater than 6,100 master’s degree and Ph.D. prospects. Due to a large number of first and few second-degree students, the college can focus more on the necessities of its first degree pupils — allowing more teaching assistants with teachers and possibilities for basic research.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M is amongst the largest American schools, home to 36,952 undergraduates and almost 9,000 master and doctoral students. Located in College Station — in the triangle between Dallas, Houston, and Austin — Texas A&M is renowned for its technology and engineering courses. As the oldest school in Texas, A&M has many customs which render it an inspiring destination to attend school.

Stephen F. Austin State College

SFA is a community college located in Nacogdoches, Texas, USA. Founded as a instructors’ school in 1923, the college was named after one of Texas’ founding fathers, Stephen F. Austin. Its campus exists on a section of the homestead of a different Texas founding father, Thomas Jefferson Rusk.

Rice School

Rice was created in 1912 after an affluent businessman, William Rice, left his complete estate to finance a new college that will provide free tuition to students. Although the college has stopped being free, Rice is the most highly rated university in Texas, one of the better universities in the nation, and one of the most aggressive schools to go to. Rice is one of the tiniest schools in Texas, with only 3,485 undergraduates and 2,275 graduate students. Its grounds in Houston is both stunning and conveniently situated, allowing college students quick access to all that Houston provides with merely a short bus ride to downtown.

Southern Methodist University

Located in Dallas, SMU is a private university run by the United Methodist Church. With only 7,000 first degree students and about 5,000 graduate students, the college can offer a more personal college experience to students due to its small size. SMU hosts numerous competitive sports programs, and in 2008 it had been chosen as the place for the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Its location near the center of Dallas provides many options for students to get work after graduation.

Baylor College

Baylor is a private Christian university located in Waco, affiliated with the Baptist organization in Texas. It hosts 12,149 first degree students and over 2,000 masters students; its first-degree students have a good reputation for success in medical school, though it has several courses with high academic credentials. Its grounds life is vibrant and plays a part in Baylor’s high ratings in college student happiness and academic performance. Baylor is additionally known for its faith-friendly atmosphere on grounds, which has made it a top selection for religious pupils in Texas.