Living in a farm

locustMost people prefer living their lives in the city, well city life is fun with the nice road, malls, luxurious buildings and well generally well-developed infrastructure. I survey conducted on the issue illustrated that 60% of the youth would never live their lives in a farm the rural area. The other 20% said they would consider the life but they were not certain about that choice. The other remaining percent are not sure yet.

Rural areas have their setbacks in terms of technology advancement and general development of infrastructure. However, there are so many benefits that come with living on the farm that cannot be traded with an industrialized setting offered by the urban area.

Benefits of living on the farm

Enjoy a great ecological system

Compared to the city life where trees have become extinct to create room for a building or a highway, the rural area still maintains its environment with continued existence and maintained of forests. There are trees which bring fresh air and rain.

Safe environment

The farm or rural area is very safe for movement and interaction. There is little to no traffic inconveniences. People can enjoy safe travels without exposure to traffic or car accidents from congestion and drunk incompetent drivers. It’s very rare to come across congestions. Roads in rural areas are free with enough room to accommodate all residents. Again there are very few criminal offenses reported in the farm compared to the city.

Access to leisure activities

Living in the village allows you the privilege of stepping out of your house and interacting with your animals, hiking, bike riding, and gardening. These are activities that would require people living in the city to travel to a convenient location where these activities are made available.And in most cases, they have to pay to access these services. Such therapeutic activities that are generously available in the rural areas are priceless when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

macro-1Close knit community

The people living in the rural area are close and friendly to each other. People get to enjoy a friendly and safe neighborhood. Residents can actually participate in functions together and are on each other’s watch. Apart from safety open interaction with people stimulates personal and community growth as a whole. People can meet exchange ideas, experiences. Urban community denies people this connection, everyone is busy minding their own business and others even more strange don’t know their neighbors. This is terrible especially when faced with a crisis, you have no one to call for help, in fact, there are many reported incidents of people falling ill and dying in their houses. This happens and one ever gets to find out. The dead body is noticed when it starts oozing and the smell becomes very intense that now people begin to notice.

Access to healthy organic foods

It’s rare to come across people suffering from lifestyle diseases in the rural areas. There is plenty of food that is naturally produced from the farm. These foods have minerals, fiber, and nutrients that are sumptuous and richly healthy for human consumption. Urban areas can only access supermarket foods with preservatives and unhealthy compounds that weaken-people’s health. That’s why most people are exposed to heart disease, diabetes, and blood pressure because of eating canned food.

Cheaper lifestyle in the rural area

People living in rural areas mostly produce their foods from the farm, they have animals that give them milk and meat. They actually spend less in the market compared to urban inhabitants. People living in the urban areas have to buy food from retailers. This food item is significantly expensive since they follow a long chain of distribution before they actually reach the market. The actual price of the farmer is increased by the wholesalers and retailers. Many women are scared of the environment because of the free living animals including pest and other reptiles. This may be a common issue, yet can help you scan every square inch of your yard and remove pests.

Currently, the rural areas have been accumulated by old people who are not strong enough to work like the youth would. People need to know that food is not grown in the supermarket and if people want to have sufficient food on their plates, there have to be people in the farms doing the planting. It’s actually good business being a cash crop producer the market for food is always there.

Generally, farm life is rejected by many people because no one wants to get their hands dirty. Everyone wants an office job in a prestigious company. The truth is we all can’t fit in that category people need to have an open mind and walk away from the status quo.